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Help Waking Up in the Astral Plane

Article Submitted by Lucia Beznik

Astral Traffic Lights

This experience happened to me in the very beginning of my astral explorations while I was studying Belsebuub’s work. At that time, I still didn’t quite know the right time for getting up from my physical body while trying to astral project.

Sometimes I would lie down for a long time not realizing that my astral body had already split from my physical body, while other times I would try to move too soon, disrupting the astral split.

The help I received with this problem one night was quite original and I still remember the feeling of magic, beauty and wonder that filled my heart afterwards.

By Frisky007 (Own work) [CC BY -SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
On this particular occasion while trying to project, I could feel the subtle shift into the astral plane (simply because it felt different than the physical) and so I tried to get up. However, I could only move my astral body a little bit and with a lot of effort; it seemed I was still somewhat stuck in my physical body.

Realizing it was probably not the right time to get up yet, I decided to just relax. I looked at the wall in front of me and was pleasantly surprised to see a red light shining there, just like a traffic light. As I kept relaxing more, the light changed from red to green and I felt my astral body becoming floaty and light.

Now I was able to easily lift out of my physical body and stand up on my bed, staring directly at that traffic light on the wall in amazement.

As I did this, the light changed into a white smoke, like the smoke from a candle when the flame is blown out. The whole room felt very quiet and magical, with the smoke gradually fading. I was now free to explore the astral dimension.

A Furious Astral Hen

One night as I was sleeping, the bed sheet lifted off my feet and I felt something biting me. Feeling very sleepy, I really didn’t want to move and just decided to ignore it, not even giving it a thought. As I started to fall into a deeper sleep, something bit me on my foot again. This time, I just moved my feet back under the cover and hoped to fall asleep soon.

However, the cover quickly came off again and the biting became more furious. At this point, I decided to have a look at what was going on and in my sleepy state, I saw a hen sitting on my bed, biting my foot! I felt a bit irritated as I wanted to continue sleeping, so I kicked the hen off my bed, only to find it back in a flash.

Public domain image found on Pixabay.
Public domain image found on Pixabay.

I lost my sleepiness after this happened a couple of times, and started to ponder, “how can this hen be so rude? I have never seen a hen being so determined and unafraid of a human.”

Funnily enough, I didn’t at all question the fact that there was a hen in my bedroom, but because its behavior was so unusual, I started to suspect that I might be in the astral. At this point, the hen disappeared. I got up from my bed, took a little jump and realized that I was, in fact, in the astral!

This experience showed me very clearly how heavy the “internal sleep” can be and had that “hen” been less determined to wake me up, I would’ve happily continued unconsciously sleeping, ignoring the fact that I was in the astral plane.

I have since been helped to wake up in the astral many times and when thinking of those instances, I feel very grateful to the beings out-there, who relentlessly keep helping us to wake up in various creative ways, with love, care, and often a good deal of humor.

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  • Wonderful experiences Lucia! Reading them brought a sense of magic into me as well. I was touched by the gentleness of the non-obtrusive traffic light, and laughed at the pushy chicken. I have experienced quite a bit of the gentle quality of the beings in the astral plane, however never experienced the pushiness in a positive way. I guess it’s like Jordan said, they use what is appropriate for the individual.

  • Great experiences Lucia. It is amazing how we always get help when we put the work in. The astral traffic lights seemed as a very original idea to help you get out of the physical body at the right time. And that hen reminds me of my cat who sometimes just by looking at me would almost suggest – you are not present in the moment. Although this always happened in the physical it shows how we can get help from unexpected sources only if we can recognise them.

  • Wow thanks for sharing your experience Lucia it seems like you were receiving a lot of help in those experiences, the traffic lights sound like a great help also the hen its surprising how the mind works in those situations getting biting on your foot but just wanting to still sleep

  • Hi Lucia, I would like to order a set of those lights for my ceiling too. Then I would just keep an eye out on those and whenever they would turn green, I’d get up. 🙂 But joking aside, isn’t it amazing how we can be caught by higher beings to understand concepts like astral projection and the splitting of the bodies better. I too found myself in often funny situations where I was taught about the moment to get up. In one of those experiences I was sitting very relaxed in a chair waiting for the sensations to pass. Then all of a sudden a good friend of mine sat on my lap and “made himself heavy”. I felt an increased pressure that kept building up. Initially I thought it was a distraction and I tried to relax myself again and again. But the pressure became too much, so I got up wanting to tell him off. But when I got up, I realized I was in the astral and it was a learning for me to not wait too long and get up in time. Else I would miss the moment and fallen asleep. Even those ridiculous experiences like hens or heavy people can have their learning. Thanks for sharing your experience, it brought back some funny moments from the past.

  • I would love those traffic lights in my room, and that hen! It is amazing how we are helped in these ways, and also how strong the sleep can be for us to think nothing of these bizarre occurrences. “Oh there’s something unknown in my bedroom biting my foot, never mind, hopefully I’ll be asleep soon…” – I’ve had similar things – on the other side, it shows how important it is to check in the physical when something odd happens. “Oh there are people walking around dressed as penguins … OK”.

  • Really enjoyed reading those experiences Lucia, thanks for sharing them. And it’s interesting how the help that comes is often personalized in ways that are most likely to succeed for a given individual.

    • Hi Jordan, I agree, those beings out there seem to know what works not just for a given individual, but even on different occasions.

  • Those are some interesting experiences Lucia – thanks for sharing them. The traffic lights example was very nice – a novel and gentle prompt to become conscious in the astral! 🙂 My first thought about the hen was that maybe it was a negative entity, as it was biting you. But it sounds like you didn’t have take steps to remove it (such as using recitations) and once you realised you were in the astral, your clarity wasn’t impaired, as it can be when there is negative interference.

    • Hi Michael, I don’t think the hen was a negative entity, it didn’t feel that way. It was just simply pecking me to bring me to the present moment and didn’t allow me to fall into the unconscious sleep. Once I realised I was in the astral, it disappeared – I haven’t even had a chance to thank it! If it stayed a bit longer, I could have made some “astral corn” for it to eat. 😉

  • Hi Lucia,
    I really enjoy reading your astral experiences 🙂 They can be very inspiring and humorous but I like how it also shows the intelligence behind this help people can receive to be woken up. I remember years ago, being woken up in various ways early in the morning before going to college – I’d never really knew about the astral, but only that something was trying to wake me up, make me aware that I could interact with the world of dreams in a way that was very real. It was always with people that were close to me, and after about several attempts, I remember questioning these people, if they were trying to prank me, as it felt so real: they’d be calling my names, and say “wake up Geraldine” “wake up” and I’d get up walked a few steps, but then found myself back in bed, and sometimes feeling like I was pulled back into my body really quickly, then usually wake up for real, and looking at the clock seeing I still had another good hour to sleep in, and would fall asleep again, only to have someone telling me to wake up again!
    I could not explain how it was possible so I was very glad when I came across Belsebuub’s work, because everything clicked and my past dream experiences then made a lot of sense as well as the reason behind it – wake up indeed 🙂

    • Ha ha, that’s funny about the astral guys telling you to wake up! Now you know what they meant. 🙂 And I am also amazed at how those beings are trying to help us out… Hopefully somebody reading this will realise what has been happening to them in their dreams/astral too. That there is indeed this wonderful chance for us to “wake up” to the higher reality we are a part of.

  • 🙂 That’s original indeed Lucia. really suitable as well, those traffic lights.

    The ingenious way we can be shown things certainly points to a higher intelligent influence.

    Funny to hear one more of those cases where the apparent illogicality of a hen at your bed didn’t seem to ring any bells, simply wanting to go back to sleep.

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