Experience submitted by Rajko Beznik

My first out of body experience (OBE) happened unexpectedly, after I fell sick with Rubella some years ago. Being in my thirties at that time, the disease hit me very hard, with high fevers and a very itchy rash.

Lying in my bed, with a fever and unable to get any relief from the unbearable itchiness, I decided to separate from all the pain and discomfort of my physical body by doing a deep, improvised relaxation.

I started to imagine my body relaxing deeper and deeper, feeling heavier and heavier, the sensations of the itchiness disappearing. The itchiness disappeared after a while, and I was feeling very comfortable…

All of a sudden, I felt a strong energy sensation going up my spine to my head and soon after I was hovering right under the ceiling, looking down at my body lying there. I thought to myself: “ok, so I am dead now…”. After this brief experience I fell into an unconscious sleep.

The following morning I remembered everything very vividly upon waking and started wondering what had happened. The experience was so clear and vivid that I had no hesitations about its realness. However, living in a mountain village, without Internet access at the time, I could only search for answers by asking some people that I knew were into spiritual or natural healing. The answers I got were unsatisfying and vague explanations.

Another interesting thing that happened after this experience were numerous attacks by negative entities in the astral plane, as I had started having more of these out of body experiences since this first one. However, I didn’t know what was going on and I felt very scared by some of them.

It was not until several years later when I found online courses on astral projection and dreams written by Belsebuub that I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to also find effective means of dealing with those attacks by negative beings in the astral plane.

To find such objective information about these phenomena was a great relief for me, as well as to be able to interact online with other people who were interested in the same things as I was. The clarity and practicality I found in Belsebuub’s works replaced the fogginess and vagueness of my previous search – I was now finally equipped to explore these other aspects of life without fear and with true spiritual guidance.