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My First Out-of-Body Experience

Experience submitted by Rajko Beznik

My first out of body experience (OBE) happened unexpectedly, after I fell sick with Rubella some years ago. Being in my thirties at that time, the disease hit me very hard, with high fevers and a very itchy rash.

Lying in my bed, with a fever and unable to get any relief from the unbearable itchiness, I decided to separate from all the pain and discomfort of my physical body by doing a deep, improvised relaxation.

I started to imagine my body relaxing deeper and deeper, feeling heavier and heavier, the sensations of the itchiness disappearing. The itchiness disappeared after a while, and I was feeling very comfortable…

All of a sudden, I felt a strong energy sensation going up my spine to my head and soon after I was hovering right under the ceiling, looking down at my body lying there. I thought to myself: “ok, so I am dead now…”. After this brief experience I fell into an unconscious sleep.

The following morning I remembered everything very vividly upon waking and started wondering what had happened. The experience was so clear and vivid that I had no hesitations about its realness. However, living in a mountain village, without Internet access at the time, I could only search for answers by asking some people that I knew were into spiritual or natural healing. The answers I got were unsatisfying and vague explanations.

Another interesting thing that happened after this experience were numerous attacks by negative entities in the astral plane, as I had started having more of these out of body experiences since this first one. However, I didn’t know what was going on and I felt very scared by some of them.

It was not until several years later when I found online courses on astral projection and dreams written by Belsebuub that I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to also find effective means of dealing with those attacks by negative beings in the astral plane.

  • Rajko I felt like I was reading a passage out of my old dream diary. A similar experience had happened to me much in the same way. I was a teenager sick with pneumonia and a high fever and I was struggling to fall asleep but couldn’t because I couldn’t breath. When I had managed to calm myself down, I focused on my breathing which caused me to eventually fall asleep and consciously split with my astral body hovering over my physical one. I too had no idea what was going on but I knew it was real and that I wasn’t dreaming. I remember cautiously walking through the bedroom walls to check up on my parents and my sibling who were sound asleep. I continued to explore this bizarre world by leaving my home (I jumped from the second floor balcony) and went outside for a walk on the street where I quickly discovered the existence of negative entities who weren’t too keen to see me there.

    It wasn’t until much later in life when I took Belsebuub’s courses and read his books that I realized I had a genuine out-of-body experience and that I was able to share it with others who experienced them too.

    I was told by a friend that it wasn’t uncommon for people to have out-of-body experiences while being ill, perhaps because it may be easier for the mind to focus on one thing while the physical body is in a more vulnerable state? Of course I think it’s better (and a lot safer) to do it using practical astral projection techniques while being healthy.

    • Hi Patricia, thank you very much for sharing your interesting experience. It seems you managed to do much more while out-of-body than I did on that occasion. That is great, and I wish you many more lucid experiences!

    • Thanks Patricia.

      While reading your experience of exploring this other place where you’d gone ‘on your own’ as a teenager, brought up some distant memory, or the sense of an almost memory, within me. 🙂 a bit strange and intriguing. I can’t remember exact specifics though and whether it was a single or multiple experiences in my childhood. It might even be just me waking up at night when the house was asleep and going around silently through the house in the magical physicaldimension. But perhaps there were other occasions as well more supernatural, going outside even though I would’ve not actually gone outside?

  • Thank you for sharing Rajko. It must have been quite shocking, lifting out of your body without knowing what it meant. I also had my first astral experience before I found Belsebuub’s courses (though I had read about it online), but founding the courses really helped me. They taught me to be less afraid and to use my time in the astral better.

  • Hi Rajko, I had similar experiences while ill and they are real eye openers and like you Belsebuub’s techniques helped me so much.
    Thanks for sharing and die hard!!

  • Thank you guys for your replies. I think we can all be very grateful to Belsebuub and the opportunity to learn from him. What I find very special about his techniques is how clear, simple and effective they are. I have read other materials before, but for me it was a bit hard to understand and I don’t think I would get the same understanding as I have now without studying his work.

  • Hi Rajko,

    Knowing a little bit about what aggressive itchiness is like (though not as bad probably as with your illness), I am amazed at your strength to separate from that and the pain and just intuitively relax your body so deeply that it actually went away. I wonder if it was some kind of divine help, even when at that time you were not aware of it?

    That’s funny, you thought you were dead when actually you were in the astral 🙂 But as some people said in the comments, the information available out there about out of body experiences and spirituality in general is quite confusing, mixed up and often incorrect, or with just fragments of the truth, so it would be natural to think that. It’s great you were able to understand you experience and go against the negative entities with Belsebuub’s techniques even such a long time afterwards.

  • Nice Experience Rajko. It’s interesting how you managed to relax your body before meet Belsebuub courses and use the relaxation despite your severe illness that also it followed you to have your first conscious OBE..It’s very intersting and inspired for me.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Rajko. It’s wonderful that you were able to have your first conscious OBE despite your severe illness. It’s even more amazing that despite being disconnected from the information that you needed at the time, you were eventually able to find the tools you were searching for, which allowed you to explore more deeply and to gain a greater spiritual understanding.

  • Thanks Rajko for the experience. It’s interesting how little information you had about the experience before finding Belsebuub’s courses. I notice how little clarify and how much confusion is around about spirituality in the mainstream. Belsebuub’s clear explanation of fundamental concepts is not available anywhere else and I am very grateful to have access to it now.

  • Great to read about your experience Rajko, thanks for sharing.

    It’s interesting you thought you were dead; without Belsebuubs work it can all get a bit confusing, particularly when you throw in the Negative entities.

  • Nice experience Rajko. I remember when I started having attacks from the negative entities I was very young and very scared. They attacked me on a regular basis for many years and I didn’t find any explanation why. When i found out the truth about what they are and how to get rid of them through Belsebuub’s techniques I was so relieved. Thanx Rajko and I wish that your every night is a lucid night

  • Nice to see you here Rajko and it’s great to read your experiences.

    Been ill it’s totally uncomfortable but sometimes looks like as you said can be quite beneficial. I remember when I had high fever sometimes I had the symptoms of an astral projection but back then, I didn’t know anything about that and what was going on so I wished I could fall asleep as soon as possible to stop feeling like this.
    As you said been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and learning first how to do that from Belsebuub’s work was a great relief.
    I’m not getting so ill anymore though… 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this experience, Rajko. It just made me think how much easier it was for me to first find the information that Belsebuub provides and then have all those experiences with negative entities. I think I may have been put off by them otherwise, but having been explained that they cannot really harm me and also having the recitations just made it so much easier to accept that they may be out there.

    Actually, I remember I even felt a kind of encouragement to try more, just by seeing them in my astral experiences. I felt that this probably means I’m doing something right, since they so much don’t want me to be conscious in the astral.

  • Thank you Rajko! It was so nice to read your experience.

    I can just imagine being in a situation where you’re ill like that and naturally feeling to go beyond it all. And what a magical and beautiful world opened up to you.

    Haha, I liked your apparent calmness in “ok, so I am dead now…”

    I’m glad you persisted with your search, knowing that what you had experienced was something real and tangible, and even more amazing that you were able to find your way to Belsebuub’s work. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Rajko.

  • That must have been a really intense experience Rajko! It’s amazing how even from a remote place, in the end you were able to find Belsebuub’s teachings. And to wait so much time for an answer to your experience just shows how rare this knowledge it now.

    Hope you have many more lucid nights!

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