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Using Mantras for Astral Projection

Experience submitted by Geraldine Price

I had learned in the material from Belsebuub’s course on out of body experiences to learn how to use concentration so that the mind can learn to be focused on one thing. As my concentration was still very poor, I thought I should use this information and do a little concentration before attempting to astral project using a mantra and see if it made a difference.

I did not want to concentrate on anything complicated, and as I lay down, I looked around me for something simple to imagine and saw the ceiling fire hydrant, and thought that while it was not very pretty to look at, it was a very simple object to concentrate upon.

I closed my eyes, and visualized the image of the fire hydrant in my mind, opening my eyes each time I lost its visualization to have another look at it. I kept doing this, over and over again, and little by little I was able to keep the image for a longer period of time before having to open my eyes again.

About 10 min after, I could see that my thoughts were no longer running wild as they did previously, and I felt more calm and focused. I was ready to give the mantra a good go and see what would happen.

I moved from my living room to my bedroom, and relaxed my body as well as I could before starting to chant the mantra, first out loud and then chanting it internally, repeating it again and again.

A Flying Arm?

Quite soon after starting to chant it internally, I felt like there was some type of movement around and above my head. At first, I thought I may have imagined it. But as my body was feeling lighter and started to feel like it was floating, I decided not to pay much attention to that “movement” that I had perceived. I did not want to disrupt my efforts with my astral projection, so I continued with the mantra.

This feeling of lightness increased with time, and after chanting the mantra a couple more times, I again felt something passing and flying above me. This time, I decided to check what it was and opened my eyes, to my surprise I saw that it was my arm. A flying arm!

My right arm was floating above my head, and I thought, “no –  that is just impossible. When I started to chant the mantra, my arm was laying down next to me, with my hand resting on my leg – it cannot be unless..” and that’s when the realization hit me that I was in the astral.

The only feeling I had felt from splitting was of lightness, so it had taken me by surprise – I had obviously fallen asleep without realizing, but my focus on the mantra had continued on and kept me consciously awake after the astral split. As I gently rolled off my bed, I saw that I was actually floating slightly above the ground. I indeed had made it to the astral plane.

I remembered that I could take a good jump to fly, so I did just that, and I took off like a rocket in the air! I went through my building, saw the roof of my building and I kept going up, I could see my whole neighborhood from above, and finally I went above the clouds where the view was breathtaking. I was flying and it was simply amazing! Everything around me looked so bright and vibrant, and everything had such a distinct feeling, especially the light of the sun which was glowing and shining so brightly.

But what I remember the most from this experience was the feeling that I was so much more “me” out there. It is hard to be put into words, but I just had this unbelievable feeling of being closer to whatever it was that was the real me: my consciousness.

Taking it all in and appreciating it all, I continued to look around me, seeing the city I lived in, my neighborhood and so forth. As I did that, I also realized that I was still up in the air, above in the clouds, and up really high. I thought “what if I fall down? What would happen?” And as soon as I thought that, I started to fall down at great speed and went back straight in my body.

I now knew that there is this part within me that can go to other planes of existence where my physical body cannot, yet I continued to exist.

Belsebuub talks about this in this video, about how we can experience life outside of the 3-dimensional physical world, and how an out-of-body experience can change our perspective of life. It surely did for me.

  • ok, you said about mantra.. but you didn’t mention what mantra you use.. please can you tell me what mantra did you chant?

    • Hi Asfia, I was using a mantra called “La Ra S” – it’s one I’ve found that works particularly well for me over the years.

  • Very nice experience Geraldine! Thank you for sharing that.

    As Karim said, when I read that heading, I thought that you ‘ve seen a flying army or something like that in order to make you wonder if you are in astral plane. I had some relative experiences.

    Personally, that happens to me is my astral finger of hand moves independently. I wonder how is it possible to move spontaneously and then it returns back in its physical way. How easy is to be deceived!

    • Hi Seraphim,
      Ahahahah! No, it wasn’t a typo, it wasn’t an ‘army’ but simply my astral arm moving about around my head! it was surprising that’s for sure, but so very helpful. Like you, I also often have movements from my limbs that let me know that I am close to have fully split into the astral and to get up. But at times, things feel so ‘physical’ that I also go back laying down thinking I haven’t made it, but only to realize later that a detail in my room is different to when I wake up, and how I missed an opportunity! So now, if I wonder where I am, i just check and avoid missing out 😉

  • I really like what you say about how you felt more “you” during the experience – this really has to be felt to be understood and once felt, the question of ‘did I astral project’ or, ‘is it real’ just vanishes.

  • A Flying arm? When reading that heading I thought you might have seen some detached flying arms 🙂 I know the feeling you describe though, although I’ve never had it where my arm would be all the way to my head. Most often actually I notice I’ve got my leg with one foot over the other and I think to myself “I didn’t put my legs in that position when lying down did I?” Often then my legs return back to their physical legs in their normal position. It’s interesting how completely awake I feel when these astral body parts start moving.

    That’s a nice way of saying it Geraldine— ‘feeling closer to myself.’ I know this is becoming the catchphrase of the website but ‘I can relate to what your saying.’ Thanks for writing this experience Geraldine.

    • Hi Karim,
      Yes it feels as real as the physical – and at times, like this one even more so 🙂

  • What a great experience Geraldine, thanks for sharing! There seem to be so many valuable aspects to it – verifying how concentration helps to still the mind, seeing your ‘astral arm’, the ecstatic flight, as well as the feeling of ‘real you’. That must have been a real boost for you, especially as you were just starting to explore the astral projection at that time.

    I remember seeing the ‘flying arms’ on a couple of occasions too and its actually strange that I don’t really see (or pay attention to) them very often when in the astral. One occasion in particular comes to my mind, when I could see my “shadowy astral limbs” shortly after (almost) merging back to my physical body. I saw my astral arms and legs still floating above my thorso (which has already merged with my physical body). It was really funny to see my limbs like that, so I started ‘cycling’ with them, to see them better. 😀

    Feeling like ‘the real you’ sounds familiar too. It is so beautiful to have our consciousness a little bit activated during these lucid moments! I can only imagine how different the world would be if one was fully conscious, like the awakened beings are… Thanks for sharing that video too, its a great reminder.

    • Hi Lucia,

      You made me laugh about cycling with your astral arms and legs! What a funny thing to do and to think to do as well – ahahah 🙂

      Yes the feeling of being closer to the real me is what really stayed with me from this experience and also to realize that nothing bad can happen in the astral – even falling back from great heights, all you do is wake up 🙂

      What I remember about this experience too was that as it happened during the day, the light of the day in the astral felt even more powerful than in the physical – it just had this glow over everything, the plants and trees of the neighborhood were looking more alive and more colorful – and the light was not blinding either, but it just had this power behind it that you could feel and see in a sense, which was really neat to experience.

      • Yes, I agree about the light! You know it reminds me of the shining landscape pictures on a computer screen. Computer shines the light through the images, so they look much better than on paper or even in real life. And I found that some of those beautiful HD computer pictures remind me of the sceneries I saw in the astral and that it must have something to do with the light “shining through them”. Of course, its much better to actually BE in that scenery than looking at it on computer, but I find computer images great for visualization for this reason…

      • Hi Geraldine, thank you for sharing this experience. It was uplifting to read. It also made me remember of experiencing the light in a morning projection, a heart-filling memory.

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