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Determined: My First Astral Experience

Article Submitted by Lucia Beznik

My first astral projection experience happened while waiting for Belsebuub’s online astral course to start. I still had two weeks to wait, but being so eager to experience this new dimension of life, I spent all my days reading about the experiences of others, trying to do everything that could lead to an astral experience. Things like being aware of the present moment and full body relaxation before going to bed at night really helped.

At that time, I was already familiar with the astral plane through having lucid dreams, but really wanted to experience a conscious astral projection and how it feels when the two bodies separate during the astral split.

One night, after spending quite some time reading about the astral plane and other people’s experiences, I became determined that I was going to have an experience myself and was not going to wait any longer…

I thought to myself – if my astral body separates from my physical body every night as I go to sleep, then all I have to do is to catch this process as it happens. Armed with this determination, I went to sleep. I lay down as usual, relaxed my body and then did my best to just be aware and not sidetracked by any thoughts – becoming a spy of my own sleep…

Determined to Succeed

For some time, nothing special happened, but I kept my determination strong and was ready to stay guarding my sleep process for as long as I could. I am not sure how much time had passed, when suddenly everything started to feel different.

I felt very light and when I moved my covers, the sound was very loud. I started to suspect I might be in the astral and decided to try to get up from my bed. I did so very slowly, not wanting to disrupt the nice drowsy state I was feeling.

I sat up on the edge of my bed, but felt dizzy. At this point it became clear to me that this had to be the astral plane, because I had never felt like that in the physical world.

Public domain photo found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)
Public domain photo found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

As I tried to get up from my bed, I lost my balance and fell back onto my bed. For some reason it was not easy for me to get up and walk. I felt wobbly, but I made another attempt to get up. This time I managed to stand up and walk a few steps alongside my bed while supporting myself by holding the bed frame.

I was baffled how light I was, just walking there without my body like that, and thought to myself – so, now I am a ghost! 🙂 I made it to the end of my bed and stopped to look around my bedroom, perceiving the atmosphere it had in the astral.

First Impressions of the Astral Plane

The room felt huge, as if connected to an infinite space. I spoke a few words and heard my voice resonating all around me, echoing around the room; it felt very magical.

Then I realised that I could not see and decided to try and open my astral eyes. Unfortunately, because I was putting a lot of physical effort into it, I ended up opening my physical eyes. This immediately brought me back to my body and I found myself staring at the wall in front of me, still feeling very peaceful and in awe of what has just happened.

Despite this experience being short, it was a very memorable one for me. It was the first time I was able to experience the astral plane so clearly, without dreaming before.

I remember my whole day being changed because of this, and feeling the presence of the astral dimension all around me that day. I realised how these two dimensions (the physical and the astral) are always here and now, we are just not aware of it.

  • Hi Lucia, it was great to hear the determination you had to have your first astral experience and it paid off 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  • That experience was very nice to read Lucia. Reading about your determination somehow makes me feel determined too 😉 I think this is quite a vital component of astral and other spiritual practices, to be determined, not in a forced or pushy but just firm sort of way, not allowing setbacks or doubts or other things make you feel negative and weak and stop trying. Reading your and others’ experiences lately here on the blogs have really highlighted this for me and it is what I needed. Thank you 🙂

  • That’s great that your determination to astral project helped you so much Lucia. I’ve noticed as well though that too much physical effort can be counter-productive. I tend to identify too much with the physical side of the practice rather than relaxing and calming the physical body so that the astral part takes over. Many times I subconsciously apply some kind of physical pressure expecting it will do something only to find out that it does the exact opposite; it stops the astral from taking over.

    • Yes, I find that too Christos. It seems that in order to get into the astral, one has to be very relaxed and perceptive of what’s happening, but in the same time determined that he is going to continue being relaxed and perceptive no matter what for however long it may take. 😉

  • Hi Lucia, thank you for sharing this experience. I wonder how much of it was due to having that strong determination that it is about time to experience the astral! I also felt like discovering my conscious existence in the astral and the astral itself brought me that sense of magic that I was looking for (or had?) during my childhood. 🙂

  • It was the same for me Lucia and Karim – my first little experience came while anticipating the course to start and I believe through just deeply wondering and yearning for an experience. I think it’s important to remember how strong an ingredient this natural inquisitiveness is, and that our own Being and invisible spiritual Beings can help anyone who is seeking.

  • ”so, now I am a ghost! :)” Haha, very funny Lucia!

    Thanks for sharing those moments of a first astral projection. I can also relate to your situation of reading and learning about Belsebuub’s work even though I still had to wait a while for the official course to start. I couldn’t contain my eagerness either and started investigating the astral in whatever way I knew how, such as from the things people mentioned in their experience stories. The nights became magical times of exploration 🙂

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