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Finding Myself in Another Dimension

Experience submitted by Laura Boeva

At night in a dream I became aware that I was dreaming. I was in a room and looking around at things, and this was amazing. I was in another dimension, there were real things there and I was able to explore it.

For some reason experiencing another dimension consciously, the fact that I was verifying there was another dimension, was more amazing to me than knowing I existed outside my physical body, which felt natural.

My surroundings started to fade however, I lost my vision and felt myself starting to return to my body. Then I remembered Belsebuub mentioning how it might help to stay in the astral plane to hold onto any astral matter you can get hold of.

So I started holding onto something, which turned out to be the leash of a friendly, gentle, beautiful animal. It felt like he had come to help and guide me, and he pulled me back into the astral plane, with me holding onto the handle of the leash.

He took me to another place. It was a corridor with a window in a big building. I looked out and could see a long wall, another wing of the building, with a window on the far end. It was exciting to be looking out of a window in the astral plane. My vision was clear and I was able to see things just like in the physical world.

During the day, I would go for walks trying to explore awareness of the present moment.
I would go for walks trying to explore awareness of the present moment to help me with astral projection and gaining more clarity in my dreams.

Next I went to the sitting room. By this time the experience was becoming a bit more dreamlike. I saw a bookcase and a fireplace and was examining things that were in the room. Then I walked around a corner and into the kitchen.

Here I was met by an unpleasant surprise. The small kitchen was filled with a group ofย ugly negative entities looking at me sneering, dressed in a way that they knew would alarm and provoke me. They were just teasing me with their presence and appearance, but I was afraid.

I felt confused and bewildered, as I hadn’t expected this, even though I had read about negative entities and ways to get rid of them effectively. Those ways didn’t occur to me at the time. They were not doing anything threatening or trying to attack me or anything as they knew only their presence was enough to scare me. I jumped out of the window, not knowing what else to do and wanting to wake up to get away from them quickly. This woke me up in the physical body.

That time I incorrectly thought I couldn’t defend myself against them, but in other experiences since then I have found that the recitations Belsebuub gives to get rid of negative entities work well. I could have easily used them in that situation had I remembered to try. I knew that the entities couldn’t harm me physically, while I was in the astral, so I was not in any danger. It was just my fear creating this feeling of having to get away and ruining an experience that could have still continued, and the bad guys knew this.

Had I persisted and overcome my fear, I could have defeated them. Yet it was a helpful and inspiring experience, showing me not only what an obstacle my fear was, but that the astral dimension is real and can be explored, and that help is available.

  • Hi Laura,
    Your experience just reminded me too of one I had, where I was in the astral and started to feel like I was going back to my physical body. Funnily enough, I was also in a house, close to a window, and so I latched onto the window sill to not go back so soon into the physical. I could feel the pull, and I even ended up horizontal in the astral in the air holding onto that window sill..! It was funny when I thought about it later on, but it worked. I had been able to just stop myself going back to my physical body and waking up. So yes, in my experience as well, it really helps to grab onto astral objects that way to remain longer there.

  • Amazing for your first astral experience, Lucia.
    It was also quite good that you remembered to hold onto any astral matter in order to stay at the astral plane.

  • Thanks for sharing this experience. The part with the friendly guide makes me think of something happen in a Japanese animation. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can relate to what you say about fear, I see how I should become aware and release all type of big and small fears and tensions throughout the day, and that can help my nights, and make me more intuitive and confident in the astral.

  • Thanks for sharing Laura. I also find it amazing that this other, very magical place exist. Like, right there. A place where anything is possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I wouldn’t mind meeting a unicorn in the astral Ella ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think I’ve tried the lights on and off as a reality check, and have found it’s nice and simple to do during the day, and the switch doesn’t work in the astral so it can be effective.

    Fear can be so debilitating. There have been periods when I gave up on astral practices altogether because it took hold of me. How free we would be without fear stopping us from living our lives and exploring spirituality! It is really worth working towards understanding and removing it from your psyche. Life would be much brighter and more relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That guide sounds amazing Laura – I wonder what it was?! A unicorn maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some good tips there on training yourself to be aware in the day for better chances of becoming aware of being in a dream. I used to really like asking while turning the lights on and off, as it was something I did many times a day and in the astral it usually doesn’t work.
    That fear you speak of it so huge – fear and surprise and excitement are all such big emotions – it’s hard to imagine being able to face the negative entities you describe without it giving rise to fear, sometimes my conjurations wouldn’t work because my own fear would send me back to my body or stop them short, but I also have faith that through persisting with the practices Belsebuub gives that it’s possible.

  • Nice early experience Laura.

    I like what you mention (if I understand correctly) that the ability to explore another dimension was more intriguing than realising you exist beyond the body. I have at times also had that sense of ‘Indiana Jones in another dimension’, let’s see what lies deep in the ocean or what happens if I try this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Great astral help.

    • Haha! I’m sure I looked exactly like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The astral plane seems to be a bit like a place of fairytales and myths, where magical things happen and magical beings exist. I still find it incredible that it is so available to those who learn how to go there and use it for their spiritual learning.

      • Thanks for the comment Seraphim.

        I think this wasn’t actually my very first experience, which I don’t even remember as a matter of fact, but one of the first ones that were longer and more meaningful.

        Yes, I was surprised how well that worked, as it sounded very simple to just hold onto something that was on the astral plane but it’s a good one to keep in mind.

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