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Teleporting to My Home in an Out-of-Body Experience

Experience submitted by Karim
Experience submitted by Karim

At a certain period in my life I was living together with a close family member; this person had had a child which I had lived close to ever since they were born. Being there when he was a baby, sharing gentle interactions, the first words and steps.

I was really inspired by how children have such an amazing love and purity at that age when the consciousness is very active. I’m very grateful for that time where there was so much love.

At one point though I moved out and went off to live in another country. I was quite busy at the time with multiple things going on and ended up not communicating much with my family. But I did genuinely miss them and cared for them from a distance. So I was really overjoyed when I was able to have an out-of-body visit to see them from afar.

Realizing I Was in the Astral Dimension

Photo by Anna Anikina, found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)
Photo by Anna Anikina, found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

One night about nine months later I became aware of the fact that I was in the dream world. I was thinking about what I should try to investigate or do when I’m there. But what I genuinely wanted was to see my family and go home to see if things were okay.

In the past I’d visualized places and teleported there instantly. For me this has worked well with places I know well and know the ‘feel’ of. With unknown places I find getting there in this way much more difficult to achieve. 
So I visualized my own room in that house, which I know so well, seeing the texture of the carpet on the ground, the small space around me. I say visualized but it’s more than visualizing or imagining… I actually grabbed the table leg of my desk and whoom! I was there, in that real place.

Visiting Home

Photo by @lin_alessio on Unsplash.
Photo by @lin_alessio on Unsplash.

So I found myself there, in my room, everything felt clear and I felt clear inside. But I knew how easily such clarity can be lost and just to be sure not to have my experience ruined I did the recitation Bellilin that I had learned from Belsebuub’s courses. When I had finished it three times I made my way down the stairs, because I’ve found that if I go through walls or go flying it’s easier to lose the clarity.

So I concentrated on each step very intently, and held onto the arm railing to keep my surroundings ‘solid.’ On the first floor I noticed one family member in a room. I looked in and saw that person in the corner, sort of in their own subconscious world. I intuitively felt not to go into the room and knew it was better to just leave them be. 
I continued my way down the second flight of stairs into the living room, and there, sitting alone on the couch watching tv, I saw my younger family member.

I felt a great tenderness and love towards him and said “tedielm is home” (‘tedielm’ being how he pronounced my name). When he saw me he ran towards me and was very happy to see me, and I him. We spent some time happily together just as we would in the physical world and later on I think I remember even going outside and showing him how to fly.

A Confirmation E-mail

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash.
Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash.

Having studied my dreams and astral travel for some years already prior to this experience, I felt I knew the difference between a created image of a person by my subconscious and a real person in the astral dimension that I was interacting with. But there have been other times where I felt this as well, yet when checking up with those people physically often they don’t remember.

However a few days after I had that experience I got an e-mail informing me that a few days prior my younger family member had said he “had dreamt about you, that you had come home and when he woke up at night and saw that you weren’t there he had started to cry, saying Karim had come home.”

I was glad to hear he was able to remember that experience. Although I didn’t reply back with any mention of my experience. I wonder though if he will remember the specific experience a few years later, or even as a grown up.

I felt very happy, at ease and joyful to have seen my family again, when physically I wasn’t able to at the time.

  • Thank you Karim for sharing your inspiring experience! It is so touching that your young family member could remember your visit and a proof at the same time of the connection between the two world. I really enjoyed reading it :).

  • That is a very nice experience, Karim. It must have been amazing feeling the love and care towards your family member in the astral where all the feelings are amplified. It also inspires me to try to use the technique of teleportation.

  • Joining in also to say what a lovely experience it was to read Karim

    And you know it highlighted to me how important love is, that you had the opportunity to express and share your sincere love and care for your family in such a meaningful way,

  • What a great account Karim! It’s really amazing to have this opportunity to visit your lovely relatives from a big distance!

    Thank you for sharing it!

  • That was a really nice experience Karim. Interesting that you didn’t try to fly or pass through walls in the astral so that you don’t loose consciousness. I usually try to fly and get distracted since I find it so cool. Maybe I’ll try to stick to simple things until I get better with it.

    • Yes, it can be so difficult to stay clear. If I look at my ability to keep my mind focussed in the physical world, only a very short time needs to pass before I’m in a daydream again. So if in the astral dimension those daydreams become dream scenes, then it’s easy to see why many of my experiences don’t last long, or at least I often lose the level of clarity as it progresses.

      • I also had the same experience.!!! I live in canada but My house in India is known to be haunted. And rumours were going around that people in the neighbourhood were trying to take over the property while we were gone.

        I was worried and thought if it is haunted maybe I should try to speak to those entities in my favour! So I went into one of the known haunted rooms and out loud I called out to the djinns in the house if they were listening to me, to haunt and protect the home from anything bad that might happen to it. Then I came back to canada.

        One night as I slept after fajr prayer months later, w
        I fell into a strange concious sleep, where i was half awake. My body was sleeping but I was awake. My eyes were closed. I felt a trembling and I told myself that its an earthquake but I didnt want to get up. I finally said to myself at least be sure its not an earthquake!!

        When I opened my eyes, to check if the lamp wasnt shaking or anything, i realised I wasnt where I slept!! i was in my haunted home in india!! Standing in the hallway near the hand pump and the ceiling was falling from rust and mis management, a voice said to me “just one more monsoon and this ceiling will go down”

        I told my mother and she went to India to check the house and she said the ceiling near the hand pump is collapsing!! And the condition is so bad that verily another monsoon would bring the house down!!

        I feel that perhaps the djinn helped me thru the astral travel to notify me who knows !!!

        • That’s interesting Almas. You asked for protection of the house, and it came back to you in the way you maybe didn’t expect… Not only you got a crucial information regarding the house, but you also got a chance to experience a nice and clear astral projection. The trembling you felt at the beginning of the experience are the common signs of the astral projection, which you probably know by now. 🙂

        • What a wonderful experience to be shown and told those things in your out-of-body experience Almas. The help we can get from the other side can be so generous, it’s amazing.

          I had to laugh a bit at the tactic you used of asking the haunting spirits to keep others from taking over your house :-D! But perhaps your communication with those entities there did relate to the experience you got, or perhaps it’s help from divine beings, in order that you could prevent the breakdown of your house.

          Experiences, like the one you had, in themselves are also of value in my opinion. Because they show us and can give us a faith that this other realm to existence is very real.

          I’ve also found, btw, that being awake in the early morning and then that time of going back to sleep again for a bit is a great time for astral experiences.

          Hope you got the house sorted and safe Almas and wishing you all the best in your future experiences and discoveries!

    • I agree that it was a good idea on this occasion to use the simpler approach of taking the stairs. I’ve lost clarity a few times when waking up in dreams, as I wanted to verify I was in the astral world by sticking my head through the wall! 🙂 When I did that, I would go back into a dream, so it’s a pretty bad example of doing a reality check, as not only did I lose consciousness, but there are also far simpler ways of checking, like pulling my finger, which would have also been much safer in the event that I was actually still in the physical world! Once we are certain that we are in the astral plane, we may wish to try other things, but I think it’s good to keep our initial checks simple and safe, especially if we are just starting out with our investigations in the astral plane, as when we are drifting in and out of sleep, the line between the physical and astral worlds can sometimes appear indistinct.

    • Yeah me too Christo – it’s almost like an excitement takes over me when I realise I’m in the astral and I kind of ‘make a run for it’, dashing out of my home into the night sky … through the window. But I’m really going to try to change this and take it more easy – hopefully setting the experience up on the right note.

  • Thanks for sharing that Karim. Awesome experience in that you were able to take control and go and do what you wanted to do, and it’s amazing you got that physical confirmation afterwards too!

    • Yes, the confirmation, though nice, seemed like a pretty small thing for me at the time because I felt I knew the experience was with a real person and I knew the reality of the astral dimension.

      However I was thinking that in a way that detail is actually very significant, because a few years ago I noticed that on the web there are a huge number of people trying their hand at ‘lucid dreaming’, thousands who share their experiences on big forum websites and such. I thought ‘that’s great’, however I noticed the prevalent believe was that lucid dreaming all ‘takes place in one’s head’ and that its main purpose is ‘just for fun’. But a confirmation like this shows it is a real place where every individual goes at night, just like here. Knowing that, I think, makes one more open to giving astral experiences their due importance.

  • Tedielm, that was one cool experience to have had. And very interesting about that email confirmation — just really shows again just how interconnected we are and our lives are, and that we can reach each other through dreams or the astral like that. I wonder how often we actually “hang out” with friends or relatives while asleep and simply have no idea or think it’s a dream and think nothing more of it…

  • Thank you Karim, your love and gentleness towards your family and the little one shine through. It’s a wonderful proof of the reality of your experience and it’s great the child was able to remember and communicate about it and that your family told you about it as well.

  • Lovely experience Karim, really sweet and natural, like it was love that was the force that allowed it to happen. It’s a powerful confirmation that little kids often have much more awareness. I recently spent some time with young children and saw a bit of this, but also how they were often recoiling from being bombarded with the pressures and emotions of the adult realm.

    • Thanks Ella. I’m also very concerned in seeing children grow up in this harsh world, and in front of a screen from birth, and often with too little room to experience spirituality. It’s really tough.

  • Thank you for sharing Karim! When reading your experience, I just felt so sorry you didn’t tell your family what you did! They could have learned a bit about the possibilities that are there for all of us, and your young family emmber would have been consoled a bit, knowing that you could now visit him in his dreams when needed. Not knowing what happened, they most likely just brushed it off as nothing. 🙁

    Like Olga said, I also liked your description of “teleporting” very much. 🙂 I like how grabbing the table leg of your house in your mind helped you to really get the feel for it and to find yourself there. Travelling in the astral plane through visualization can be really beautiful and instant like that. I remember a few occasions when I was trying it, but it never got so crisp clear as your experience. I feel your heartfelt desire to be home and to see your family may have played an important role in your success.

    • I agree on that last bit Lucia. I think going with genuine goals is a lot more powerful and successful. I’ve often had times when waking up in dreams where I’d try to achieve goals I had intellectually and not really with my heart. But those are way to flimsy for the astral plane and don’t lead to anything, or anything much, over there.

  • Thank you for sharing this experience, Karim. It can be comforting to know that we can be close to our loved ones, despite long physical distances.

    Your experience also makes me remember that some years ago, I felt more connected to my relatives. I was able to feel and even have dreams sometimes when they would have a difficult situation. It makes me want to retrieve that type of connection.

    Teleporting does sound very cool 🙂 It hasn’t occurred to me to try it.

    • Yes, wouldn’t it be great to have the inner level to be able to sense such things. I’ve also had many dreams showing me about situations friends and family are in, sometimes in order to act on it, but most often for my own learning showing the esoteric reality of their situation for example.

  • How wonderful that you were able to experience such a precious moment of love and fondness with your family in an astral experience, and even have the little one remember the astral encounter.

    Teleporting also sounds like an effective way of travelling! You made it sound very simple, I normally travel long distance 🙂 or stay in the area I find myself in, but reading your experience I think I grasped that ‘feeling’ that you are after, and am inspired to explore it.

  • That’s one way of saving on airplane tickets Karim 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this heartwarming experience. I admire how younger children are open to their dreams and take it as part of their life. It seems the astral and the physical world blend together for them. When we grow up we tend to loose that and don’t give dreams the importance they deserve and rarely tap into the magic they can bring. Let’s hope your brother remembers this experience as he grows up.

    • I agree, I think most people have many experiences as children, but that the memory is lost when growing up.

  • What a nice experience and family, Karim. Sounds like such a loving and close family and upbringing.

    If I may ask, why didn’t you reply to the email with your experience? Even just to say you’d had a similar “dream”?

    Anyway, thank you for sharing that! What an awesome validation of the reality of the astral!

    • Thanks Mike.

      Your question made me ask myself the same thing. 🙂 Thinking back to them telling me their news, I felt that at that instant responding with what really happened wouldn’t do it justice. I think we have to go by ‘feel’ with these things, letting understanding and information we have shine through in the right moments when people are open to it.

      • Yeah, that makes sense. Gotta go with what feels right in those situations.

        Maybe you’ll get to talk to that younger family member again about the experience in the future, at a more appropriate time.

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