Experience submitted by Karim El Bazi

Experience submitted by Karim El Bazi

At a certain period in my life I was living together with a close family member; this person had had a child which I had lived close to ever since they were born. Being there when he was a baby, sharing gentle interactions, the first words and steps.

I was really inspired by how children have such an amazing love and purity at that age when the consciousness is very active. I’m very grateful for that time where there was so much love.

At one point though I moved out and went off to live in another country. I was quite busy at the time with multiple things going on and ended up not communicating much with my family. But I did genuinely miss them and cared for them from a distance. So I was really overjoyed when I was able to have an out-of-body visit to see them from afar.

Realizing I Was in the Astral Dimension

Photo by Anna Anikina, found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

Photo by Anna Anikina, found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

One night about nine months later I became aware of the fact that I was in the dream world. I was thinking about what I should try to investigate or do when I’m there. But what I genuinely wanted was to see my family and go home to see if things were okay.

In the past I’d visualized places and teleported there instantly. For me this has worked well with places I know well and know the ‘feel’ of. With unknown places I find getting there in this way much more difficult to achieve. 
So I visualized my own room in that house, which I know so well, seeing the texture of the carpet on the ground, the small space around me. I say visualized but it’s more than visualizing or imagining… I actually grabbed the table leg of my desk and whoom! I was there, in that real place.

That moment, when you go from your own visualization to you being in that real place, it’s got such a magical feeling to it! Knowing that ‘visualizing-yourself-there-and- teleporting’ feeling made it easier for me to have this experience.

Visiting Home

Photo by @lin_alessio on Unsplash.

Photo by @lin_alessio on Unsplash.

So I found myself there, in my room, everything felt clear and I felt clear inside. But I knew how easily such clarity can be lost and just to be sure not to have my experience ruined I did the recitation Bellilin that I had learned from Belsebuub’s courses. When I had finished it three times I made my way down the stairs, because I’ve found that if I go through walls or go flying it’s easier to lose the clarity.

So I concentrated on each step very intently, and held onto the arm railing to keep my surroundings ‘solid.’ On the first floor I noticed one family member in a room. I looked in and saw that person in the corner, sort of in their own subconscious world. I intuitively felt not to go into the room and knew it was better to just leave them be. 
I continued my way down the second flight of stairs into the living room, and there, sitting alone on the couch watching tv, I saw my younger family member.

I felt a great tenderness and love towards him and said “tedielm is home” (‘tedielm’ being how he pronounced my name). When he saw me he ran towards me and was very happy to see me, and I him. We spent some time happily together just as we would in the physical world and later on I think I remember even going outside and showing him how to fly.

A Confirmation E-mail

Having studied my dreams and astral travel for some years already prior to this experience, I felt I knew the difference between a created image of a person by my subconscious and a real person in the astral dimension that I was interacting with. But there have been other times where I felt this as well, yet when checking up with those people physically often they don’t remember.

However a few days after I had that experience I got an e-mail informing me that a few days prior my younger family member had said he “had dreamt about you, that you had come home and when he woke up at night and saw that you weren’t there he had started to cry, saying Karim had come home.”

I was glad to hear he was able to remember that experience. Although I didn’t reply back with any mention of my experience. I wonder though if he will remember the specific experience a few years later, or even as a grown up.

Some Final Reflections

A physical confirmation of an out-of-body experience like this helped prove to me that it’s a real thing. Also in this whole experience I could feel the inter-connectedness of these two dimensions, both felt part of the same experience of life.

I rarely consider it anymore because it’s become such a part of my life, but I was only able to have this experience by exploring the methods I learned from Belsebuub’s work. And although I consciously made decisions and efforts myself, I also felt that how the experience went on the whole was made possible by divine help.

I felt very happy, at ease and joyful to have seen my family again, when physically I wasn’t able to at the time. The gift of such a meeting in that dimension is something I hold dear, and the love towards family as a strength in the inner work.