Experience submitted by David Percival

After I had been exploring some of the methods explained by Belsebuub in his book A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams regularly for a few months, I remember one night I suddenly had a conscious astral projection experience.

Before this I had experienced various other things at different times which are explained by Belsebuub as being signs of nearing or beginning to go into the astral which were sensations such as: feeling my astral body becoming loose from the physical body; feeling vibrations; a swaying type feeling; a feeling of electricity or a high pitched electrical sound; or hearing noises from my subconscious.

All these things were amazing to experience, just by simply relaxing and gently concentrating, and it was proving to me that there can be more to falling asleep than simply passing out into unconscious dreams.

I was also experiencing some moments of lucidity in my dreams or as Belsebuub calls it “waking up in dreams” which further proved you can be conscious in your sleep. So these little experiences were very encouraging and gave me faith that if I just keep trying then eventually sometime I will experience consciously splitting from the physical body.

Astral Projecting from Concentrating on my Heart Beats

One night I went to bed and tried the astral projection method of concentration on the heart beats. I felt inspired to give it a good go, and resolved that I really wanted to get something out of it, even if it was just some of the sensations and/or some lucid type dreams if not actually projecting consciously. That feeling of determination, inspiration and being open to what may happen really helped facilitate the experience that was to come next.

I lay down on my back and prepared myself, got relaxed and then started to pay attention to feeling my heart beat where my actual heart is. Gradually my mind got quieter as I kept ignoring competing thoughts but instead came back to feeling the heart beats. As I did this, a deeper and deeper relaxation came over me. I could feel myself become heavier and it felt like I was sinking into the bed a bit.

As I kept going with my concentration on my heart beats, I started to notice my pulse in different parts of my body and would focus on feeling the beats there for a time one by one such as my neck or face or back of my head. The pulse felt quite strong in each of those areas as I focused on them. I was feeling very relaxed but in my mind I was very alert, it’s an interesting combination. Eventually I started to feel a bit like my whole body was the heart beating, like my whole body was pulsing.

Now I was starting to feel light instead of heavy, almost a bit floaty. It felt so relaxing and peaceful.

I stayed in this state for a little while. It was getting to a point where I was not sure any more if I was in the physical or in the astral. That is, it was hard to tell if the body I could feel I was lying down in was the physical body in the physical plane or the astral body in the astral plane.

Suddenly I felt my arm float up as if I had lifted it up off the bed however I had not. As Belsebuub explains, I tried to not be too surprised by that or pay too much attention to it or else I might end the process by being distracted by it. It seems however that it did break my concentration enough that I started to lose it and started to feel like I needed to move which eventually I did and the attempt to astral project ended.

Having given it a good go and gotten quite deep into the method with some strong sensations I decided that was enough for one night and allowed myself to just fall asleep normally.

After what seemed like several hours of sleep, I stirred a little and semi woke up. When I half woke up I fortunately realised it straight away and kept my body still and decided to try to concentrate on the heart beats once more.

Very quickly I started to feel light and floaty again. Soon I was unsure again if I was lying down in the physical or lying down in the astral. I kept concentrating on my heartbeats. I felt so relaxed and still and peaceful. Then before long it was like I could feel with each beat that my consciousness started to float separate from the physical body. I then made the intention of getting up whilst still concentrating on feeling the beats so on one beat my head lifted up, another beat and it was like I was starting to sit up, another beat after that and I was almost standing up and then another beat and there I was, upright and floating at the end of my bed in the astral!

Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash.

Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash.

It was like with each of those final heartbeats I got pulled out of my body or that I just floated out of it. It felt so light and so natural. I looked back at the bed wondering whether or not I would see my physical body lying there however I only saw an empty bed. I guess that is because I was seeing the astral and in the astral I was no longer lying down in bed. I looked around the room and tried to keep my awareness. Everything looked very real and even a bit clearer or more vibrant than it did in the physical world. Before long I lost it and snapped back to my physical body and woke up.

It was so amazing to just float out of my body like that and as I said before it just felt so natural.