Experience submitted by Vida Norris

A couple of years ago, I began to have success at coming out of my body or having more lucid dream experiences in the early hours of the morning, just before I had to get up for work. There were three experiences that all happened around the same time, as I was consistently trying out a method of improving concentration each morning.

Going Through the House

On one occasion I had a kind of lucid astral experience where I woke up in the astral, and knew it was time for me to wake up in the physical. I saw my husband getting up to use the washroom and I got the idea to go and fetch a candle from another room since we had none left in ours and we liked to light one in the morning. I got up and went to another area of the house. Everything felt very real, and I went about getting the candle as I would have done in the physical. It was a bit odd because I knew I was in the astral but I was going about the house just as I would have in the physical, and everything looked the same but had an ethereal quality to it. It felt both dream-like and yet very vivid and real at the same time.


Photo by Sirenz Lorraine licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Then, I suddenly got this intuitive feeling that my husband was out of the bathroom which meant I could now use it, and so I knew I had to get back to my body.

Once I felt I had to get back I started to run through the house. It changed slightly into a house that looked similar to the one that I grew up in and I ran through a long corridor but I didn’t stop to really look around since I knew it was time for me to get up.

I felt very light and fast as I ran back to my body. I reached my bedroom and sort of jumped into my physical body that was still lying in bed and then I woke up.ย  As I woke up, my husband was just coming out of the bathroom and I got up to go get a candle and use the bathroom myself.

I kind of wish I had used the experience to do something a bit more interesting than fetch a candle but it was really fascinating to wake up after that knowing that I had been doing something outside of my body and that I was able to come back into it just like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Interrupted Astral Experience

Another morning, I was falling in and out of sleep and seeing different dream images of things like a sidewalk or a road. I became a bit more lucid and realized I was squinting. I tried to open my eyes but it was very hard to do for some reason. When I finally opened my eyes I felt myself coming out of my body and starting to float above my bed.

It was really exciting. I had been trying out some the methods I had learned from Belsebuub’s books pretty consistently and really wanted to experience the sensations of coming out of the body.

It finally felt like I was going to but at that moment I heard my daughter wake up. I got pretty upset and angry at this point because I had been hoping to project for so long and now when I was finally projecting I was being interrupted!

I began to tell her (in a not so happy voice) to go back to sleep and I could feel the anger within me very differently than I would during the day. It was more vivid and there was a strange sensation like a burning inside me.

Because these feelings were so strong the experienced stopped and it seemed like I had woken up. I found myself in my bed and started telling my husband how I had projected. I was feeling a bit upset still. Then, he began to tell me something and then things changed and I actually woke up for real in the physical.

Flying Down a Road

Photo by Nicholas Swanson on Unsplash.

Photo by Nicholas Swanson on Unsplash.

One morning I also had an experience where I had fallen asleep concentrating and I found myself in a dream with this older lady. I was afraid of her as she was yelling and making a lot of noise. I think because of the jarring feeling of the dream and the noise, I realized that I wasn’t in my bed next to my husband.

Suddenly the dream cleared away and I realized I was floating above a road. It was on a city street but it was deserted since it was the early morning and there was no one around.

I began to feel like I was starting to fly, and it felt like I was being pulled very fast toward what looked like a light or a door. At that moment I fully realized I was out of the body and said out loud, ‘Where am I?!?’

Because I felt quite excited and surprised by this the experience suddenly ended and I woke up in my bed.