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Astral Traveling in the Morning

Experience submitted by Vida

A couple of years ago, I began to have success at coming out of my body or having more lucid dream experiences in the early hours of the morning, just before I had to get up for work. There were three experiences that all happened around the same time, as I was consistently trying out a method of improving concentration each morning.

Going Through the House

On one occasion I had a kind of lucid astral experience where I woke up in the astral, and knew it was time for me to wake up in the physical. I saw my husband getting up to use the washroom and I got the idea to go and fetch a candle from another room since we had none left in ours and we liked to light one in the morning. I got up and went to another area of the house. Everything felt very real, and I went about getting the candle as I would have done in the physical. It was a bit odd because I knew I was in the astral but I was going about the house just as I would have in the physical, and everything looked the same but had an ethereal quality to it. It felt both dream-like and yet very vivid and real at the same time.

Photo by Sirenz Lorraine licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Then, I suddenly got this intuitive feeling that my husband was out of the bathroom which meant I could now use it, and so I knew I had to get back to my body.

Once I felt I had to get back I started to run through the house. It changed slightly into a house that looked similar to the one that I grew up in and I ran through a long corridor but I didn’t stop to really look around since I knew it was time for me to get up.

I felt very light and fast as I ran back to my body. I reached my bedroom and sort of jumped into my physical body that was still lying in bed and then I woke up.ย  As I woke up, my husband was just coming out of the bathroom and I got up to go get a candle and use the bathroom myself.

I kind of wish I had used the experience to do something a bit more interesting than fetch a candle but it was really fascinating to wake up after that knowing that I had been doing something outside of my body and that I was able to come back into it just like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Interrupted Astral Experience

Another morning, I was falling in and out of sleep and seeing different dream images of things like a sidewalk or a road. I became a bit more lucid and realized I was squinting. I tried to open my eyes but it was very hard to do for some reason. When I finally opened my eyes I felt myself coming out of my body and starting to float above my bed.

It was really exciting. I had been trying out some the methods I had learned from Belsebuub’s books pretty consistently and really wanted to experience the sensations of coming out of the body.

It finally felt like I was going to but at that moment I heard my daughter wake up. I got pretty upset and angry at this point because I had been hoping to project for so long and now when I was finally projecting I was being interrupted!

I began to tell her (in a not so happy voice) to go back to sleep and I could feel the anger within me very differently than I would during the day. It was more vivid and there was a strange sensation like a burning inside me.

Because these feelings were so strong the experienced stopped and it seemed like I had woken up. I found myself in my bed and started telling my husband how I had projected. I was feeling a bit upset still. Then, he began to tell me something and then things changed and I actually woke up for real in the physical.

Flying Down a Road

Photo by Nicholas Swanson on Unsplash.
Photo by Nicholas Swanson on Unsplash.

One morning I also had an experience where I had fallen asleep concentrating and I found myself in a dream with this older lady. I was afraid of her as she was yelling and making a lot of noise. I think because of the jarring feeling of the dream and the noise, I realized that I wasn’t in my bed next to my husband.

Suddenly the dream cleared away and I realized I was floating above a road. It was on a city street but it was deserted since it was the early morning and there was no one around.

I began to feel like I was starting to fly, and it felt like I was being pulled very fast toward what looked like a light or a door. At that moment I fully realized I was out of the body and said out loud, ‘Where am I?!?’

Because I felt quite excited and surprised by this the experience suddenly ended and I woke up in my bed.

  • Hi Vida,
    These were really nice experiences – I too seem to have more luck with astral projection or becoming lucid in my dreams in the morning. I remember I used to have these type of intense lucidity in my dreams before I knew about OBEs, and I couldn’t understand why the time on my alarm was different for example or why I would ‘fake wake-up’ to then find myself back in my bed when I knew, just knew I had been up and about and really ‘awake’ taking decisions to what I was doing and yes like you, my home looked the same. Later on when I came across Belsebuub’ work and finally learned how to have a conscious OBE I could understand all these past experiences – I think it must be so much more common than we realize, but often dismissed because of lack of understanding, at least, it was the case for me. Best wishes for many more ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So it looks like, from people’s testimonies that there is something in the mornings which help things to happen. And for me as well.
    Belsebuub says that as soon we wake up the mind gets into the pattern to lead us to our morning routine. Funny enough, as it happened with you Vida you started your routine a bit earlier ?

    Sometimes because of that I go to the toilet twice… or I check the window at the astral and according the amount of light if it’s still dark outside I’ll go back to sleep… when normally when there is some light it’s time for me to wake up.

    Good luck with the reality checks everyone!
    Thanks Vida for sharing

  • Thank you for sharing that Vida. I have had similar experiences where I think I have woken up in the physical but am still in the astral, then I wake up but am still in the astral, and the third time wake up physically ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Kind of cool and surreal at the same time, and a shame, not being able to realize it and use it.

    Also I have found the early morning, during periods when I haven’t been too tired, the best time to experience the astral, getting up a bit and doing a practice to get into a clear state that then comes into my dreams as well.

  • Nice experiences Vida, thank you for sharing them, it’s so beautiful to see the impact they had upon others. You really touched me at the point you felt anger like a burning inside you.

    Thank you Lucia for sharing too. Thank you for the lesson. Anger has worked the same for me at similar cases, and except that it prevented any kind of success of course, I have sensed lately that it appears because I have a lack of understanding of something here and that weakens it.

  • Thanks for sharing, Vida.
    It’s interesting how you can sometimes see physical events that are about to happen, while still in the astral. I often see my room and my clock a few minutes before waking up. The time in the clock always matches perfectly, as if I was close to my physical body just waiting for the time to get up – and I always wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ” I realised no matter how important a practice may be, it never justifies feeding anger, as that beats the actual purpose of becoming lucid in the first place (becoming more spiritual). “

    Nice lesson there Lucia thanks.

  • These are nice ones Vida! And you won’t believe what happened to me tonight… It is intersting how reading all these experiences on this website can trigger lucidity. I read yesterday how it happened to some people after reading some articles here and it happened to me too last night! ๐Ÿ˜€ And actually what happened was similar to your “anger at being woken up” scenario.

    I became lucid in a dream and could keep the lucidity for a bit longer than usual, even though I didn’t manage to do anything of importance. Then I came back to my body (or at least that’s what thought) and started focusing again. But my husband just woke up to go to work, and started talking to me. I didn’t want to reply to him, as I was trying to concentrate on the practice, but he kept talking to me, asking me questions and so on… Becoming angry, I told him to stop talking to me as I was trying to project. Shortly after this, I woke up, feeling a remorse for the anger I felt towards him. ๐Ÿ™ I realised no matter how important a practice may be, it never justifies feeding anger, as that beats the actual purpose of becoming lucid in the first place (becoming more spiritual).

    Wishing you many more inspiring experiences!

    • Wow, that is so cool Lucia! Thanks for the good wishes! I hope you become lucid again tonight, with no interruptions this time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I know it sounds almost to hackneyed to be true, but I actually also had two dream experiences last night related to things mentioned on this website. One was in the same vein as something Vida described in this article. And it was more than just having those stories impact my subconscious and appearing like that. There’s a magic and help in the air indeed!

  • The astral experience with your daughter distracting you was quite interesting: it was like a dream/astral experience within another within another?

    Funny how we can “wake up” in bed, and do something, only to wake up yet again in the real physical.

    • I know! It’s pretty interesting. It feels so ‘real’ too. I actually didn’t realize this happened so much to people but it seems to be pretty common. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Some interesting experiences there Vida, thanks for sharing them. I find trying to astral project is usually easier for me in the morning too after I have had six or seven hours of sleep.

  • Hello Vida,

    For me too those morning hours, or just before, seem to be really conducive for having and remembering astral experiences. I find this to be the case particularly when I’ve woken up, got clear inside in my thoughts and emotions a bit, and then going back to sleep. Experiences are even more likely if I did some reality checks, a mantra, or a concentration practice.

    That one moment in your experience where anger starting coming up is also interesting, perhaps even a way to more deeply show this state to you. I can certainly relate in those times where I was close to having an experience, only then to be interrupted by someone or some sound :’-) Great opportunities to ‘give up’ on those feelings of anger and frustrations though.

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