Article by Jordan Resnick

One time many years ago, after having had a bit of a dry-spell with the astral and wishing to get more experiences, I chose a few “triggers” for questioning if I was in a dream.

I once had a very clear lucid dream as a very young child, but nothing significant like that since. In fact I all but forgot about it until being reintroduced to the topic in Belsebuub’s courses, and I figured this was my best bet at the time to get an astral experience.

One of the triggers I decided to use was that whenever I would hear an airplane in the sky I would look up at it and then genuinely ask myself if I was in a dream or not, and then I would jump to see if I could float, or pull my finger and see if it would stretch.

I was doing this over and over again throughout the day for a period of about a week or two, and of course seeing as I was in the physical world whenever I heard and saw planes go by, I would just land right back on the ground after jumping and/or my finger wouldn’t stretch after pulling it. Nonetheless I kept going with it, doing this at least twenty-five times a day if not much more seeing as the city I lived in at the time had plenty of airplanes going overhead all the time.

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)

Then one time I heard an airplane going by and looked up in the sky, and saw it going up and down, literally bouncing on the ground and way back up into the sky, over and over again. I thought to myself, “that’s weird” and then remembered that seeing an airplane meant I was supposed to check if I was dreaming, so I did my little jump and didn’t float, and pulled my finger and it didn’t stretch.

Next thing I knew I woke up in bed. I was kicking myself for not having realized that I was in a dream—especially with something so obvious like that, and it was the very trigger I had chosen too!

The next day, and from then on, I tried to question myself as to whether I was dreaming much more genuinely every time I saw one of my chosen triggers during the day.

Moving on from airplanes, I decided to check if I was dreaming every time I ran into any of my close friends. Sure enough, after only a few days of doing this, I remembered to question if I was dreaming when I saw one of my friends in a dream.

I saw my friend and this time I knew right away—”I’m dreaming,” I thought to myself. I pulled my finger and it stretched. The dream completely disappeared, and I found myself sort of half-standing, half-floating around in my bedroom at home. I felt very light and free, but otherwise quite similar to how it feels in waking physical life.

But I was very, very excited to be conscious in the astral, and as a result, I then felt myself being pulled back as though I was being sucked backward by an extremely strong vacuum or something, and was merging with my physical body only seconds later. I tried to fight it but to no avail—I woke up in my physical body with a bit of a tingling/pins and needles sensation all over for a few seconds, sort of like when your foot falls asleep but throughout the body.

Nonetheless this was very motivating to me—I had confirmed once again that questioning if I was dreaming or not with triggers during the day really works in dreams themselves, and, I got a short taste of being conscious in the astral as a result.