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Stretching My Finger to Wake Up in the Astral

Article by David

On the night that I had this experience, as I was going to sleep I decided not to use any particular kind of method for astral projection as I was fairly sick with a head cold. Laying in bed I asked my divine parents for help, saying that I couldn’t use any astral method because I was so sick, but would they please help me to realise that I was dreaming so that I could test my reality in the dream like Belsebuub explained, and still have a chance to have an OBE.

I tried to be aware as I was falling asleep, just focusing on the ceiling. My mind was wandering a lot but I just tried to bring it back gently, as I didn’t want to risk straining my body because it was unwell. I felt pretty terrible to be honest because of the cold. At some point I drifted into sleep and dreams, and after some time asleep I found myself dreaming of walking in a forest wearing my pyjamas.

Pyjamas were really out of place in the environment I was in and I’d never seen this forest before. Looking down at what I was wearing I got this really strange feeling, kind of like dejavu in the waking world – like something was out of place or not quite right. This feeling brought up some doubt inside me about where I was but I wasn’t clear enough to question yet whether I was actually dreaming.

The feeling of doubt helped to get a bit more clarity though, kind of like a fog was lifted, and I was able to think a bit more clearly and to wonder if I could be dreaming – it was just too surreal to be real life! With that clarity came the realisation too that my astral body had no signs of the sickness I had in the physical world, I felt totally fine. I think I actually felt better than ever, lighter or clearer somehow in a way that I haven’t felt while awake, like I didn’t have the same limitations or denseness and heaviness of my physical body.

Stretching My Finger and Golden Light

During the day I had been pulling my fingers quite firmly to test and see whether I was dreaming. I was doing this partly due to over-enthusiasm, and partly because as I had mistakenly come to the conclusion that the harder I pulled them the more likely they were to stretch.

So when I realised I might be dreaming I grabbed the end of my index finger and pulled as hard as I could. My finger stretched right out like it was made of rubber and then the tip of my index finger came off in my hand and my finger was left long and dangly for a short while before returning to normal, with me briefly holding the tip of my right index finger in my left hand.* It was both pretty surprising and kind of funny looking back on it 🙂

When I pulled my finger and it stretched the dream I had been in completely dropped away. The forest I’d been walking in disappeared completely and I was left floating in space surrounded by a beautiful glowing golden light that had a very special feel about it, almost like the light was living and conscious. I feel like this light might be related to spiritual consciousness somehow, as it’s a feeling I’ve also had when trying to practice the awareness of the present moment that Belsebuub explains. In a few rare instances when I’ve been more clear during the day it has felt like that living golden light has welled up inside of me, like a liquid or gas of some sort that comes out of nowhere from somewhere around my heart and where all the atoms in it are glowing golden and sending a blissful type of energy outwards. But in this instance I was hovering in the air completely surrounded by it.

Unfortunately the experience ended shortly after that, but it has stayed with me ever since!

*Note: I don’t think I actually pulled the tip of my finger off (it’s been fine in the astral ever since). There was no pain, and I think this was just a way of telling me that I didn’t have to pull my finger so hard during the day when testing if I was dreaming. Belsebuub’s work and later experiences have shown me that even just the gentlest tug on the tip of my finger is enough to get it to stretch and to confirm I’m in the astral.

  • It’s interesting that with pulling your finger, the dream often just ‘dissolves’ and completely fades away. This has been the case when I’ve used the technique and it seems like this was also like Nathan’s experience here (https://belsebuub-outofbody.com/2017/02/14/how-making-more-effort-helped-me-wake-up-in-dreams/).

    Other times when I wake up in the astral and don’t use the finger pulling, the dream around me will change, but it doesn’t usually dissolve itself completely as when I use the finger pulling technique and am often left in a void like atmosphere with no up or down until I take further action.

    My own thoughts would suggest that perhaps it has to do with the quantity of the dream which has been created by the subconscious vs actual astral reality. But this doesn’t explain why using the finger pull in particular would lead to the whole scene dissolving.

    Curious… More to learn about I suppose! Anyone have thoughts or experience on that they’d like to share?

  • Thanks, David you made some helpful points and your description about the light around you felt unique.

    My first OBE I had practising Belsebuub’s work was with stretching my finger and was quite shocking at that time.

    Once I had this problem, I couldn’t remember during the day to do the check often (…still have it…) so I tried to fall asleep holding and feeling my finger so to dream about it and remember then to stretch it. And it worked once, the first time and I became lucid. I don’t remember why I didn’t carry on with it, though. Was the position uncomfortable or my mind found something? But your experience gave me a push to try better during the day as well.


  • Thanks Dave that was a great experience, you’ve certainly been determined. I haven’t been successful with pulling my finger which is understanding since I haven’t put the efforts to use that technique in daily life.
    I have been successful with Belsebuub’s other techniques of jumping and flying and looking at the stars as a trigger.
    On a few experiences using the stars to wake up in the astral, the stars turned out to be UFOs.
    Thanks to Belsebuub, I’ve been able to verify the astral plane and I have my own proof that ETs are here to help us.

    The beauty of Belsebuub’s techniques is that they will work for anyone who puts in the effort.

  • Thanks for sharing your inspiring experience David. It helped me to almost wake up in the astral last night. 🙂

  • Hi David, pulling your finger as a check has been one of my favorites too. It just seems to work while at the same time you can do it discretely wherever you are. Once I do a reasonable number of checks throughout the day, waking up in dreams seems to be the result.

    Funny that you pulled the tip of your finger off 🙂 For some reason in the astral these silly things don’t matter. I had something similar happen to me once. In a dream I wanted to touch something that was quite far away, so I launched my hand at it. To my surprise my entire arm stretched several feet, touched the object, and snapped back. That was quite a shocker. I thought well if my arm can stretch like that, then this must be the astral plane, and that woke me up in the dream.

    • Hehe 🙂 your comment about the arm stretching reminded me of a similar thing that happened to me as well, but I had completely forgotten about it.

  • Good old finger pull. I’ve become so used to doing this that when I wake up in the astral I often stretch my finger just for fun even though I know I’m in the astral at that point.

  • Oh, that’s so funny, David. I’ve never pulled my astral finger SO hard to lose the tip! I might have been close, though 🙂

    What a wonderful description of awareness in having a living, golden light within. That really resonates with me.

  • Glad to hear you still have your astral finger David 😉

    This particular technique has also worked well for me. Sometimes when my finger would stretch all the way it made me a bit ‘itchy’, with me shaking my hand for it quickly go back to normal again.

    Nice experience of that light of consciousness as well, thanks.

  • Haha, funny that your finger came off! It’s so interesting how guidance comes in the astral, in such unexpected yet very clear ways to illustrate something we need to learn 🙂

    Finger pulling has always been a bit tricky for me, for some reason I do better just trying to push my hand through something or just fly off. It probably comes back to having that real doubt about what the outcome will be pulling it during the day — like the doubt you mentioned having about what place you were in when you woke up in the forest.

  • Sounds like some great experiences! I had the similar thing before where I had some back pain physically, but in the astral I felt like I could’ve done somersaults if I wanted to 🙂 I’ve even heard stories about people who were born blind actually being able to see during their dreams, which I thought was incredible and shows there’s more than just mental images happening when we sleep, as someone born blind would be limited in how much they could form.

    Also, I have to put my hand up for being guilty of pulling my finger too hard 😀 Thanks for the funny but sound advice!

  • That’s funny about the finger being stretched too hard. Reminded me of an experience I had once showing me something similar. For some reason I formed the opinion you have to stretch the finger sort of far for it to work — it wasn’t a conscious thought, just more of a mental imagining of it stretching during the day to a certain length. So when the time came and I was in the astral and decided to pull my finger, it surely stretched, but in my dream I thought “not far enough, this cannot be the astral” ? Of course upon waking up it seemed so silly — the stretching of your finger, be it by a foot or an inch, is not physically possible, but somehow in my dream I was convinced it needed to stretch more and so I missed out on an opportunity to have a clear experience from there.

    • Ha ha, that’s a good variation of it too, Jenny! Its crazy in how many ways we are able to trick ourselves… 😀

    • I once stretched my finger in the astral as far as my arm would allow just to see if it would go that far.

      • As far as fully extending both arms out to each side. I think it would just keep stretching beyond that too.

        • Ha ha David, that’s funny. Next time you may ask somebody else in the astral to stretch your finger for you, and see if he can go around the globe with it and come back to you, with the finger still untorn. 😉

    • Haha, that’s very funny Jenny. I’ve also had plenty of moments where something “logical” over there was in fact not very logical at all when I was back in my physical body.

  • David, That is so cool about what you’re sharing about using the finger stretch to keep you more grounded in the astral! Thanks for that tip, I’ll try this next time when I start falling into a dream again or feel like my concentration is slipping away.

    BTW, I also find the finger stretch to be one that has worked for me a lot, though sometimes my finger does not stretch and then I have to jump and ‘float / fly’ to make sure I’m in the astral. Personally, I also used to pull my finger too hard in the physical, and I also found the very gently pull works better in the astral, then trying to pull hard – it seems then it won’t stretch at all.

    Pretty cool your experience with the golden light too 🙂

    • Thanks Geraldine, yeah I find it really helpful. Even if I don’t feel like I’m going back into a dream just stretching a finger every now and again seems to help a lot, kind of like a pre-emptive measure. Sometimes in dreams I have to pull my finger a few times to get it to stretch. And sometimes it will just stretch a tiny fraction, not much but enough to wake me up a little bit more in a dream for other tests like you said. Seems to make sense it doesn’t need a hard tug to work, otherwise everyone doing reality checks might end up with sore fingers!

    • I agree Geraldine – the same used to happen to me too – the finger not wanting to stretch in the astral. 🙂 Then somebody told me that its important to just pull it very lightly, and since then it almost always stretches when I am in the astral. Its almost as if by pulling the finger too hard in physical (when doing reality checks) we are already subtly expecting that it will be difficult to pull. On the other hand pulling it lightly helps me to actually tap into that feeling I have in the astral when I just observe what happens instead of having expectations of any kind or preconceived ideas that its solid and so it most likely won’t work.

      • Good point Lucia – From what I’ve experienced so far, it seemed that being genuine is really key to most if not everything in the astral 🙂

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