Article by David Gardner

For some reason I’ve always had more success having out of body experiences through reality checks and waking up in my dreams (aka lucid dreaming) than I have with trying out methods to astral project while sitting or lying down. I’ve tried lots of different ways to do reality checks, trying to push my finger through an object, looking at writing on the wall or a clock and then looking again etc. to see if it has changed, staring at my hands. But my favourite method for checking my reality is one I learned from Belsebuub; pulling my finger to see if it will stretch.

Pulling your finger in a dream or the astral and having it stretch has to be one of the coolest, slightly strange experiences that I think it’s possible to have. The closest thing I can compare it too is imagining that your finger is made of stretchy rubber, or imagine wearing a rubber glove and pulling the tip of one finger so that it stretches way out. It’s a very surreal experience but interestingly it feels totally natural in the astral.

I wanted to share one of my more memorable lucid dreaming experiences I had from stretching my finger in a dream. In it a funny occurrence showed me I was pulling my finger too hard to test during the day, and it also showed me that you can be really sick while awake but perfectly healthy in the astral at the same time.

Sick in the Physical but not in the Astral

On the night that I had this experience, as I was going to sleep I decided not to use any particular kind of method for astral projection as I was fairly sick with a head cold. Laying in bed I asked my divine parents for help, saying that I couldn’t use any astral method because I was so sick, but would they please help me to realise that I was dreaming so that I could test my reality in the dream like Belsebuub explained, and still have a chance to have an OBE.

I tried to be aware as I was falling asleep, just focusing on the ceiling. My mind was wandering a lot but I just tried to bring it back gently, as I didn’t want to risk straining my body because it was unwell. I felt pretty terrible to be honest because of the cold. At some point I drifted into sleep and dreams, and after some time asleep I found myself dreaming of walking in a forest wearing my pyjamas.

Pyjamas were really out of place in the environment I was in and I’d never seen this forest before. Looking down at what I was wearing I got this really strange feeling, kind of like dejavu in the waking world – like something was out of place or not quite right. This feeling brought up some doubt inside me about where I was but I wasn’t clear enough to question yet whether I was actually dreaming.

The feeling of doubt helped to get a bit more clarity though, kind of like a fog was lifted, and I was able to think a bit more clearly and to wonder if I could be dreaming – it was just too surreal to be real life! With that clarity came the realisation too that my astral body had no signs of the sickness I had in the physical world, I felt totally fine. I think I actually felt better than ever, lighter or clearer somehow in a way that I haven’t felt while awake, like I didn’t have the same limitations or denseness and heaviness of my physical body.

Stretching My Finger and Golden Light

During the day I had been pulling my fingers quite firmly to test and see whether I was dreaming. I was doing this partly due to over-enthusiasm, and partly because as I had mistakenly come to the conclusion that the harder I pulled them the more likely they were to stretch. So when I realised I might be dreaming I grabbed the end of my index finger and pulled as hard as I could. My finger stretched right out like it was made of rubber and then the tip of my index finger came off in my hand and my finger was left long and dangly for a short while before returning to normal, with me briefly holding the tip of my right index finger in my left hand.* It was both pretty surprising and kind of funny looking back on it 🙂

When I pulled my finger and it stretched the dream I had been in completely dropped away. The forest I’d been walking in disappeared completely and I was left floating in space surrounded by a beautiful glowing golden light that had a very special feel about it, almost like the light was living and conscious. I feel like this light might be related to spiritual consciousness somehow, as it’s a feeling I’ve also had when trying to practice the awareness of the present moment that Belsebuub explains. In a few rare instances when I’ve been more clear during the day it has felt like that living golden light has welled up inside of me, like a liquid or gas of some sort that comes out of nowhere from somewhere around my heart and where all the atoms in it are glowing golden and sending a blissful type of energy outwards. But in this instance I was hovering in the air completely surrounded by it.

Unfortunately the experience ended shortly after that, but it has stayed with me ever since!

*Note: I don’t think I actually pulled the tip of my finger off (it’s been fine in the astral ever since). There was no pain, and I think this was just a way of telling me that I didn’t have to pull my finger so hard during the day when testing if I was dreaming. Belsebuub’s work and later experiences have shown me that even just the gentlest tug on the tip of my finger is enough to get it to stretch and to confirm I’m in the astral.

Sometimes reading or watching people talk about their lucid dream experiences can help with triggering some awareness for me in dreams shortly after which can help me have lucid dreams. I assume it would be the same for others too, so if you’d like to hear more of other people’s lucid dream experiences, as well as reading the articles on this site I highly recommend the following video, I watched it awhile back and found that it gave me a big boost!